Dec. 16, 2022

Take care of your woolens

You cannot understand why your woolens always shrink in the washer no matter how well you follow the care instructions. Your woolen garments always come out damaged, fluffy, and shrunken. Wool is a delicate fabric; its cleaning must be meticulous. (…)


In the washing machineResidential washing machine cleaning cycles are too powerful. The drums are too fast, and the water is too hot. This combination of fast motion and hot water is the main reason why your woolens shrink.

In the dryer: Residential dryers are not ideal for your woolens. The temperature gets too high, which hardens and shrinks the wool.

Limescale & hot water: Wool is a water-loving fabric. The more you wash your cashmere, merino, and other types, the softer and longer they will last. Wool likes water but not just any water. The water we have at home at our taps is too calcareous. This is also one of the reasons why, when you wash them by hand, they come out rough after drying in the open air. In addition, hot water will burn the fibre of the wool which will cause your woolens to shrink.



The dry cleanerThe best solution remains the dry cleaner. Dry cleaners have the expertise to clean your woolen garments by keeping 100% of its quality and softness. Your woolens will last longer.

Daoust Forget dry cleaners have more than 40 years experience in this industry. We have the expertise and can maintain this quality of service in all our stores. You can always find a Daoust Forget cleaner near to you.


Hand washing: If you have no dry cleaner around , we recommend that you use the following tips:

  • Cold WaterFil a basin with cold water and add your woolens. Remember that wool fabric loves water.  The water will allow to disperse the cleaning product in the fibres and will relax and soften them.
  • Hand washingYour hands will replace the drum-action which will activate the power of cleaning product with water.
  • Cleansing productIt’s very important to use the correct cleaning products to keep the softness of your wools. We prefer a cleaning product made especially for wool. Our secret tip: Add a little bit of white vinegar in the basin. The white vinegar will protect wool from limescale. Your wool will be softer.
  • DryingDrying is often a very delicate step because once washed by hand, the wools are often full of water and drying on a hanger deforms and relaxes the clothes. We advise you to wring your woolens well, wrap them in a very dry towel, wring them again and finally position them on a flat drying rack.

By following these tips, your woolen garments will keep their original shape, softness, and flexibility.

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