Interested in having a franchise?

Looking for a business opportunity within a services network in constant expansion?

Franchise owner profile

  • Excellent reputation
  • Honest and sincere
  • Bold, imaginative and persistent
  • beautiful personality
  • Available
  • Having business experience would be an asset


Advantages of being part of Daoust/Forget Inc. network

  • Searching for sites
  • Accompaniment for the construction and the layout of premises
  • The opportunaty to use our trademarks
  • A right of first refusal
  • Structured initail training
  • Supply of equipment and products at affordable prices
  • Participation in loyalty programs
  • Member of the O.C.C.Q
  • Earnings from a national advertising fund
  • And much moore



Groupe Daoust/Forget Inc (franchisor of Daoust cleaner, Michel Forget cleaner, Daoust/Forget cleaner and Daoust Ecoperformant cleaners) consist of different types or models of stores requiring different amounts of investment.


Franchise application

Investment in a franchis requires time and money, that is why Groupe Daoust/Forget always concerned about the choice of its franchise owners as established a selection process.

  • Receipt of the request

    Each request is processed within 15 working days following its receipt

  • Selected candidates

    We contact only the selected candidates to fill out the franchise request form.

  • First meeting

    The first meeting will assess the selected candidate’s expertise in business and/or in the dry cleaning industry. The candidate will be given a franchise location. A visit of the premises or suggested location will be planned.

  • Business plan meeting

    At this meeting, the selected candidate will receive an assessment of fit-up costs.

  • Funding

    The selected candidate will give Groupe Daoust/Forget confirmation of his/her funding. A letter of intent between the parties will be signed.

  • Franchise agreement

    The selected candidate will receive an assignment of the franchise agreement at our offices.

  • Training

    The selected candidate will receive 3-week training before the launch of their franchise.

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NB *The price of an established franchise is evaluated based on the analysis of the selected store.