Feb. 17, 2021

The 5 items to be treated by your cleaner

The wedding dress: avoid home remedies


Cleaning a wedding dress requires special attention. To maintain its whiteness, ecological cleaning offers a highly efficient service that will not detract from the delicate details of this precious object. Just like cleaning white shirts, only green cleaning can restore the fabric's whiteness. The water-cleaning technology does a gentle job, with no toxic products for the environment and health, and without the use of temperatures that could melt certain fragile ornaments. Today, with the effervescence of green cleaning franchises, it became possible to give a second life to your wedding dress!


The only solution for the suede coat: ecological cleaning


To clean a suede garment at home, you need a variety of specialty products, and our home cleaning efforts often make the situation worse by affecting the color of the suede. By going to the cleaner, we avoid a big headache! Ecological cleaning offers unrivaled results by removing stains by ultrasound, a technique that won’t affect the softness or color of the fabric. In addition, to take care of these clothes that never go out of style, the cleaning franchises mostly offer the services of a seamstress whose experience allows him to repair the snags of textiles that are difficult to work.


Cashmere, to be handled by experts in ecological cleaning


Cashmere is another textile whose house cleaning requires the perfect precision. It is necessary to wash at a precise temperature, adjusting the volume of laundry and monitoring the drying to avoid surprises. For such valuable pieces, it is better to invest in the care of a green cleaner. The technologies used in green cleaning franchises are much better suited than the cleaning techniques we have at home, and even the aggressive processes of traditional dry cleaning.


Fur, banned from washing, cleaning and drying house


Cleaning fur is a laborious, time-consuming task where the slightest misstep is irreparable. Whether it's for a real fur jacket or an imitation item, it's better to let professionals at an ecologic cleaner to take care of it. It will also be an opportunity to enjoy the services of a seamstress, who is able to work with this arduous equipment.


Leather, to be placed in the hands of green cleaners


Just like cleaning carpets or cleaning delicate shirts, leather items deserve the services of a professional. When buying a piece of leather, it is expected that it can be worn very long. However, it must be maintained, and especially don’t damage it by using harmful stain removers or by passing it in the laundry. To enjoy your investment for a long time, it is necessary that the leather is supported by an ecological cleaner.


There are a lot of grandmothers' techniques to clean the most difficult clothes, but none of them can compare to the excellent results of an environmentally friendly cleaner. At Daoust EcoefficientCleaners, we can take care of your most delicate garments with a water-based cleaning process and unique treatments.

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